Verilux HappyLight Liberty XKS Energy Lamp

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Improve your mood and energy . . . naturallyProvides up to 7500 Lux UV blocked bright white light therapy to help alleviate the effects of the Winter Blues.Fight fatigue, increase alertness and regain focus and concentrationLight intensity options for personalized light therapyUV-freeAs the seasons change and available daylight diminishes, plug in the HappyLight Liberty XKS and get up to 7500 LUX of supplemental Natural Spectrum light to improve mood and energy and increase focus and concentration. Naturally alleviate Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), the “winter blues” and the effects of seasonal change – without drugs or chemicals. Use also to combat the effects of jet lag and shift work that can disrupt normal sleep-wake cycles. Natural Spectrum illumination from the Liberty XKS stimulates all of the eye’s photoreceptors: cones, rods and the newly discovered melanopsin. It emits light in both the photopic range (primarily stimulating the cones) and scotopic range (primarily stimulating the rods) to reduce the size of the pupil, relaxing the eye for more comfortable light therapy. Melanopsin helps set the body’s daily cycles and can be triggered by Natural Spectrum light. Scientists have demonstrated that bright light therapy can act like daylight to restore balance, mood and energy. Because no two people view and react to light the same way, HappyLight Liberty XKS features Optiflex Light Customization to let users adjust the light output to their individual needs. Two lenses – Comfort and High-Energy – each provide a different light range and energy. Add the Liberty XKSs high-low intensity control, and you have four options to create the best program for your eyes, needs, energy level and to maximize the effectiveness of each light therapy session. With a discreet, compact design – less than 31cm/12″ high and 17cm/6″ wide – Liberty XKS is convenient to use at home, at work, or in a dorm.

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