T-Fal YV960151 ActiFry 2 in 1 Air Fryer, Automatically Stirs, Black

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Coming together over good food is what family all about. That’s why, for the last 10 years, T -fal ActiFry has been the leading brand for healthy cooking. With more versatility and a variety of healthy recipes, it’s no wonder ActiFry is the #1 choice for all Canadians. And that’s something to celebrate.
Dual Motion Technology combines hot air with an automatic stirring paddle to evenly cook food, using less oil
Features two cooking trays for simultaneous cooking
Pre-heating, manual stirring and shaking not required
Pre-set times for steak, poultry, fish and dessert
This ingenious multi cooker lets you make 1.5 kilograms of crispy, tasty homemade fries using only one tablespoon of oil. The fryer can also be used to prepare a wide variety of healthy and tasty recipes with vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, and fruits. A constant and even flow of hot air ensures thorough cooking of food, while an automatic stirring paddle mixes and coats food with sauces or oil for even cooking results. Use whichever type of oil you prefer to vary the taste and diversify your diet. The fryer has a transparent lid with automatic open button to safely and easily monitor food during cooking and because there is no oil bath and no condensation, there is no risk of getting burnt. The cool-touch body ensures added safety. A 60-minute timer with beep indicator lets you know when your meal is ready. A full colour recipe book and 14 mL measuring spoon are included.

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