SNOWPEELER ROOF RAKE! Easy-To-Use Rooftop Snow Removal Tool with 20-FT Handle, 9-FT Snow Slide and 18-IN Cutting Blade. Aluminum and Stainless-Steel Construction. Less Time and Effort than Snow Rakes!

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SAFE-FAST-EASY: Keep both feet on the ground, no ladder required. Removes rooftop snow 2-3 times faster than traditional snow rakes and shovels. Less physical effort needed – less back and shoulder pain. Industry-Leading 2-Year Limited Warranty.
WON’T DAMAGE YOUR ROOF. Glide Pads ensure your roof won’t be damaged. Provides a practical, cost-effective solution to protect against ice dams and snow loading.
20-FT EXTENDED REACH. Sectional handle consisting of (4) 5-FT aluminum poles with quick-snap connectors for easy assembly and storage. Ideal for single story, cabins/chalets and detached garages.
9-FT VINYL SNOW SLIDE. Includes Slide Attachment to minimize wind drift during ground-level use.
TAPERED CUTTING BLADE. Slices through fresh and hard-packed snow. Includes REVERSIBLE FRAME ADAPTER enabling use from the ground or directly from rooftop.
SNOWPEELER – Rooftop Snow Removal Tool

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