Chanel No. 5 in Golden Chic Art 6×6 Mini Canvas Gallery Wrap can Hang SIT! Art Office Home Ideas

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Printed on Giclee Quality Canvas using 12 color Process
Framed using Real wood Canvas Bars 1.5″ Deep
It can sit on your desk or hang on your wall!
Finished Framed Size: 6x6x1.5
ALSO Available Framed and in other Formats
The WE AGREE COLLECTION is based upon many things. Sitting in bed one night I pondered, why do WE do what WE do? Why do WE listen to certain songs? What makes us blare Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” after a breakup? Why do WE do yoga when WE are stressed? Why do WE call our best friend when WE need advice? Why do WE talk to our spouse when WE get good or bad news? What makes us choose a certain style to wear? WE all search for people to AGREE with us in every aspect of our lives. Life runs smoother and relationships are healthier when people AGREE! The world seems more peaceful, happier and brighter when everyone can AGREE! Whether WE AGREE with a hobby, celebrity, movie, gossip, quote, or just think something rocks, it makes us feel connected to each other! WE listen to music because WE AGREE with the lyrics and can relate to the songs. WE bought those pants because, in the end, WE were AGREEing with the style WE liked. WE want to make sure you are always smiling, and never alone. We agree. Don’t you?

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