Sunforce 82342 Solar Decoy Camera, (Twin Pack)

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Realistic look with flashing red LED for added authenticity
Easy installation and no maintenance
Blinking LED light powered by solar power or batteries
For indoor or outdoor use
Sunforce Solar Decoy Camera, (Twin Pack) helps to protect your home or business from theft, robbery and vandalism without the high cost of a real security camera system. It is made with a blinking red LED for added authenticity. These units are easy to install and completely maintenance free. The LED light can be powered by the solar panel or batteries (not included). For added convenience, these units can be used both indoors and outdoors. For use outdoors, the security camera is installed with two AAA rechargeable Ni-CD (nickel-cadmium batteries). The amorphous solar panel will recharge the batteries for operation of the flashing red LED during the day and night. For use indoors, the security camera is installed without batteries, in close proximity to a good source of artificial light. The flashing red LED will be powered by the amorphous solar panel using only indoor lighting. The amorphous solar panel will charge indoors or outdoors. No wiring is required.

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