Neiko 01924A Wire and Cable Stripper with Self-Adjusting Jaws 10-26AWG

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Pro-Grade: this professional-grade, self-adjusting wire and cable cutter instantly removes insulation for clean stripping every time
Jaws automatically adjust: unique automatically adjusting jaws firmly grab wire and cable and cut all common size wires from 10-26awg
Solid construction: strips large and small gauge wires with very little effort and heavy-duty metal construction will last for years
Strip multiple wires: includes length guide to strip multiple wires to the same length from ¼” to ¾”
Easy to handle: includes sharp universal blade and coated handles for a firm grip
Easy-to-use automatic wire stripper removes the insulation from wires instantly. Strip and cut cables from 10-26 AWG, adjust automatically. Besides stripping wires insulation, it can also crimp 10-22 AWG insulated terminals, crimp 4-22 AWG non-insulated terminals and crimp 4-8 mm ignition terminals. Durable wire cutter that can last for years of hard work.

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