Goodwrappers BO120208 Linear Low Density Polyethylene Black Opaque Cast Hand Stretch Wrap with UVI additive, Built-In Dispenser and Hand Brakes, 800′ Length x 20″ Width x 120 Gauge Thick (Case of 4)

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Linear low density polyethylene black opaque cast hand wrap with UVI additive
Black Opaque is ideal for blocking light or concealing a load when unitizing for shipment
Each roll comes with built-in dispenser with hand brakes-ready to use right out of the box
Built-In dispenser with hand brakes
Measures 800′ length by 20″ width by 120 gauge thickness
The dense opaque color conceals shipment contents with one wrap (more wraps maybe needed for load containment). Ideal for concealing load identity or blocking light from fading product, the film comes with Ultraviolet Inhibitor additive. 20″ wide stretch wrap is ideal for completely securing/unitizing loads for shipment. The heavier gauge/thickness is ideal for those extra heavy shipments or non-uniform shaped shipments. Each roll, ready to use out of the box comes complete with a built-in dispenser with hand brakes. Once the film is used, throw the dispenser out and grab another roll out of the box. The hand brakes on each dispenser protect the operator’s hands from the friction heat that is created when squeezing the dispenser handles for film tension. No heat means no pain. No pain means the operator squeezes more getting a tighter-more secure wrap using less stretch film. Less stretch film used is bottom line savings for the operator. Available in cast film providing high yield, high clarity, and a quiet unwind.

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Weight 16.2000 kg
Dimensions 74.0 × 19.0 × 20.0 cm

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